Reading Games KS1 (age 5 to 7)

We have a range of reading games to engage your KS1 learners covering alphabetical order, comprehension (does it make sense), days of the week and months of the year as well as words that rhyme and words within words. The free games below are fun and interactive and will play on all devices including iPads, Android tablets, Chromebooks plus more.

Watch our video below about the full range of reading games at our members’ website Club Roy. Play the games here first, then get more and go advert free at Club Roy.

Alphabetical Order Games

Little Mo has found a word plant. Help her put the words into alphabetical order. This reading game uses high frequency words.

This game covers the letters 'a' to 'g'. There are four more versions available that cover alphabetical order for letters 'h' to 'n', 'o' to 'z' and for more advanced players two versions that cover the complete alphabet. Checkout our subscription site to find them.

Does it make sense?

Join our wildebeest Zara and Wellington our eco-fighting turtle to improve your reading skills. These 'does it make sense' games challenge you to spot sentences that don't make any sense, and to build new sentences that do.

Enjoy, and remember that there are more of these at Club Roy.

High Frequency Words

Two helpful games to encourage readers to learn their days of the week and their months of the year. In both, help old Uncle Tom get ready for bed... he needs his bedtime socks, a nice glass of water, some comfy hay and a warm blanket.

Go ad free at Club Roy and also get to play the extended range that includes 'numbers to twenty' and 'colours'.

Words that rhyme games

Words that rhyme with cat, bug and hill... learn to spot rhyming words with our helpful bees, rollerskating rhino and a hungry chicken called Belinda!

And of course, play the full range at Club Roy which cover words that rhyme with dash, dot, lip, top, gap, jam, lad, man, bell, pet, ten and tin as well as the ones you can play here!

Words Within Words

Sometimes words hide in other words. Spotting them can help you decode the word, helping you to read it more easily. In this reading game, Lucy is feeling sad! She's stuck in the worst zoo in the world and needs cheering up. Spot the words within words and parcel-up some new things to brighten her day!

Play one version here and five at Club Roy - without ads.