Reading Games KS1

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Does it make sense game?

Meet Wellington, he's our super recycling turtle - the hero of this reading game. Help Wellington clean up the sea by clicking and dragging the words to create sentences that make sense.

Wellington continues his action in cleaning up the sea with another four versions of this reading game at our club.


Alphabetical Order Game

Little Mo has found a word plant. Help her put the words into alphabetical order. This reading game uses high frequency words.

This game covers the letters 'a' to 'g'. There are four more versions of this game available that cover alphabetical order for letters 'h' to 'n', 'o' to 'z' and for more advanced players two versions that cover the complete alphabet. Checkout our subscription site to find them.

Days of the Week (High Frequency Words)

Old Uncle Tom likes his socks, blanket, hay and a nice glass of water before going to bed. Help him get his bedtime bits together by clicking and dragging the day of the week into the correct order.

We have some more high frequency versions of this game on our subscription site including - numbers to twenty, colours (for the UK) and colors (for the US).

Does it make sense game?

Help Zara's dream come true by clicking on the sentences that make sense. Uses high frequency words.

Need to have another go at getting your sentences to make sense? We have another four versions of this reading game available through our club website.

Months of the Year (High Frequency Words)

Help sort the months of the year into the right order to help Ol' Uncle Tom get ready for bed. Uncle Tom stars in more games at Club Roy.

If you need more high frequency word games then head to our subscription website - more versions of this game cover numbers to twenty, plus color (US version) or colours (UK version). We also have a great collection of Tricky Word games there too.

Words that Rhyme with Bug

Help the bees bring the words that rhyme with 'bug' back to their nest and watch the flower grow.

Lots more words that rhyme games at our club, including four more versions of this reading game that cover words that rhyme with dash, dot, lip and top.

Words that Rhyme with Cat

Belinda, our chicken, loves eating apples. Find the words that rhyme with cat in the apples and bring them back to Belinda's house.

You can pick more apples for Belinda at Club Roy with words that rhyme with Dad, gap, jam and man.

Words that Rhyme with Hill

Ryan the rhino is wide awake and it is a wonderful starry night. Can you help him find all the words that rhyme with hill? They're hiding behind the stars.

Four more versions of this game at our club. The extra versions cover words that rhyme with - bell, pet, ten and tin.

Words Within Words

At the zoo, Lucy is thinking of words that have other words inside them. Find the words within the words and then give Lucy some presents to make her cell look nicer!

Like this reading game? There are four extra versions of it at our subscription website.

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