Does It Make Sense Games

Use these ‘does it make sense’ reading games below to learn how to spot sentences that don’t make any sense - perfect supporting comprehension skills in key stage 1 (KS1). Have fun playing them with Zara the wildebeest and Wellington the turtle. Please register if you intend to use these games.

There are another eight versions of these games at Club Roy.

Zara's Does It Make Sense Game


  • introductory screen showing the instructions for the does it make sense game
  • the first two sentences loaded, one of them doesn't make sense.
  • The correct sentence has been marked and now the player can drag a rocket jigsaw piece.
  • The wrong sentence has been chosen and has woken up Zara the wildebeest

Zara is dreaming of space (yet again!). In this 'does it make sense' reading game help Zara's dreams come true by clicking the sentence that makes sense. Be careful because if you choose the sentence that doesn't make sense then you'll wake Zara up! There are more versions of this game starring Zara at Club Roy.

When the game finishes loading you will see the introduction screen, read the instructions then click start.

Two sentences will come on to the screen, click or touch the sentence that makes sense. The game will detect when the sentence has been selected and will automatically mark the answer. If you choose the right one then you'll be able to drag a bit of the puzzle into Zara's dream bubble.

If you choose the wrong sentence then Zara's alarm clock will ring and she'll wake up! Don't worry, you'll have a chance to have another go!

Keep going and complete all of the sentences, when you've reached the end of the game Zara's space dream will come true and she'll be very happy!
Animated wildebeest, sound effects, and an animated dream.
Compatible with iPads, Android devices and desktop, laptops and interactive whiteboards. Works with Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari browsers.

Wellington's Does It Make Sense Game

  • intro screen for the does it make sense reading game with Wellington the turtle
  • The beginning of the game with the jumbled up sentence
  • When you get the sentence correct you can recycle an item of rubbish
  • Put the item of rubbish into the recycling bin

Wellington has got in a muddle with his sentences, they don't make sense. He really wants to get on with cleaning up the ocean but needs to fix the muddled sentences first. Help him by clicking and dragging the words to make a sentence that makes sense and then help Wellington recycle ocean rubbish. Wellington features in more of these games on Club Roy - check out the get more link!

Once the reading game has loaded, read the instructions and then click the start button.

Read the muddled sentence at the top of the screen then re-make it by dragging the words at the bottom and moving them to the sentence box.

Once you have re-made the sentence you'll be able to check it before you select the mark button to mark the sentence. If you've fixed Wellington's muddled sentence then you can grab a bit of rubbish and put it into the recycling bin.

Don't worry if you got the sentence wrong, you'll get another chance to re-order the words.

If you need to undo any words as you go along then click the shell in the bottom right corner of the game which will undo the last dragged word.

To quit the game then click the home icon and it will take you back to this page. Have fun playing it!
Drag and drop words, animated Wellington the turtle, sound effects.
Compatible with desktop browsers, iPads and Android devices including Chromebooks and interactive whiteboards