Guided Reading Story

Tale of a Singing Zebra

Tale of a Singing Zebra is a delightful nine part guided reading story about following your dreams, making friends and seeking adventure. The online story has been developed to make learning to read enjoyable and fun for emerging readers. Use the story with your interactive whiteboard or computer, at school or at home.

How to use the story…

On iPads and other tablets swipe the screen from right to left to advance the story. On desktops and laptops, advance the story by clicking the blue arrows in the bottom right-hand corner. On desktops and laptops the story can be made full screen by pressing the letter f. Use the escape button (top left of your keyboard) to return the screen to normal.

Chapter One

The Worst Zoo in the World

Meet Roy the zebra in the worst zoo in the world. Roy loves to sing, dance and roll around, but he's not allowed. Poor Roy! George visits the zoo and meets Roy.

Chapter Two

The Great Escape

George feels sad for Roy and together they plan the 'great escape'. Lucy the elephant helps.

Chapter Three

The Zebra Warp Drive

The search begins for Roy's herd. George discovers the 'zebra warp drive' and how to drive a tractor.

Chapter Four

The Big City

Roy and George get lost! What's that in the distance? Roy and George join in with a carnival and have lots of fun.

Chapter Five

The Movies

Roy's great singing gets him a job in a movie. Roy and George do a stunt, but when are they going to find the herd?

Chapter Six


Roy and George help Frank find his holiday bus. Roy and George get a free ride to a safari park.

Chapter Seven

The Safari Park

Welcome to the 'World's Greatest Safari Park', but where are the zebras? Roy and George meet Uncle Tom.

Chapter Eight

How to Find the Herd

Uncle Tom teaches Roy how to use his nose to find the herd. Roy and George set off at high speed.

Chapter Nine

The Big Twitch

Roy knows how to find the herd. He's following his twitchy nose, but will he find them?

Operation Rescue Lucy

We hope you really enjoyed Tale of a Singing Zebra. Roy and George return in Operation Rescue Lucy. How do you rescue an elephant from the worst zoo in the world? Find out at Club Roy.