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3 December 2019

Image of the tricky words game

Hi All,

Very pleased to announce that we have another new game added to www.roythezebra.com. It’s called Spell Tricky Words and features Zara our slightly different wildebeest who craves space adventure. In fact, she loves ‘space’ so much that she spends her time dreaming that she is a space wildenaut. As well as the game it comes packed with resources to save you time in the classroom.

Find out more about it and have a go at playing it!

The educational objective for the new game is to support you whilst teaching tricky words, i.e. words that cannot be sounded out. Your student will be presented with words to spell, for example ‘the’ or ‘into’. Following the standard approach to learning how to spell a word, the student then drags and drops jumbled letters to spell the word. This game includes the words: the, into, was, you, they and all.

Every word that gets completed correctly means that Zara’s jet pac gets charged with energy; when she has a full jet pac she can explore space and meet new friends as well as find the golden trophy.

image of Zara finding the golden trophy

Included resources: the game also comes complete with lesson plan, as well as tricky word bookmarks, word mat, flash cards (access via the lesson plan) and worksheets.

The game is compatible with iPads, Android tablets and interactive whiteboards. By the end of the week we should have a complete set of this game for all tricky words on Club Roy.

Have fun playing the game. If you like the game then please consider subscribing to Club Roy where you’ll be able to play this game with all the tricky words.

Feedback always welcome.

Best wishes,


Tim Bowerbank
www.roythezebra.com / www.clubroy.com

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