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"Prepare for the zebra warp drive!" said Roy.
Roy took off at high speed!
"Yeee haaaa!" cried out George.
They had started the search for Roy's herd.
That night Roy and George slept underneath the stars.
The next day, they searched again.
And searched,
and searched.
They were tired, when they saw a farmhouse.
They hid in a large bush.
One of the hens could see Roy's ears wiggling.
Lenny the pig said,
"Come out with your hands up!"
Roy and George were taken into the farm.
They told the farmer their story.
The farmer gave them milk and doughnuts.
Roy and George stayed the night.
The next day, they went looking for zebras.
They could see lions,
and elephants, but no zebras.
George learnt how to drive the tractor.
"Don't get lost!" said the farmer.
Roy sang his new song.
It was called the tractor song.
They were so busy singing,
that they got lost!
"Arghhh!" cried George "We're lost!"
"What's that in the distance?" asked Roy.

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