Spelling - Which Vowel Digraph (oi and oy words) Game?

Some vowel digraphs have the same sound don’t they? Learn which one to use for these oi and oy words. A great and easy to use spelling game that supports accurate spelling of vowel digraph words. Perfect for using with KS1 learners. Uses phase 3 phonics.

You can play this game on a wide range of devices - from iPads through to Chromebooks and interactive whiteboards.

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Mango needs your help. She’s been a busy parrot helping to rescue Lucy the Elephant. She needs a rest in her nest. Help her get to her nest at the top of the tree by choosing the right vowel digraph for these oi and oy words.

Wait for the game to load and then read the instructions on the start screen.

Click start and listen carefully for the word that you’re going to spell. You can listen to the word again by clicking on the speaker icon.

At the bottom of the screen, you have a choice of two vowel digraphs - oi and oy. Which one should you use to spell the word? Touch and drag the vowel digraph up to the line.

Does it look right? If it doesn’t then click the bee to undo your answer.

Press the Mark button to find out. Did you get it right? If you did then click Next to go on to the next word. No worries if you didn’t get it right, have another go!

Keep going with the words. At the end of a round of words, Mango will be able to use her tree’s elevator to head up to the next level.

Keep going with the game until you get Mango to her nest.

Well done, you made it… we now have a very happy parrot and you have learnt how to spell oi and oy words!
Drag and drop phonemes that sound out their sound when dragged. Audio for words, interactive speaker icon, animated parrot and bee plus other sound effects.
The game is compatible with a wide range of devices, if not all! Including, iPads, Android tablets, Chromebooks, MACs and PCs as well as interactive whiteboards.