Full Stop Games

Have fun with our jumping snails and learn all about full stops at the same time. There are two reading games below, one for beginners and one that is more advanced with multiple sentences that are missing their full stops. You can find more versions of these games on Club Roy.

Did you know we have jumping snails that turn into full stops when you put them at the end of a word? Read the sentence then drag your snail to where the full stop should be and drop it there! Use the target that appears to help you put the full stop in the correct place. Do more full stop practice with our extra full stop punctuation games on Club Roy.

Once the punctuation game has loaded then read the instructions on the intro screen and click the start button.

A sentence will whizz in from the left, but it won't have its full stop. Grab the snail with your finger or your mouse and drag to where you think the full stop should be. To help you position the full stop a target will appear. When you drop the snail if it is at the end of a word then it will turn into a full stop - hey presto! If it isn't near a word then the snail will whizz back to the branch for you to have another go.

The game will detect when you have answered and then automatically mark the sentence for you. Don't worry if you have the answer wrong, you'll get another chance to put the snail and its full stop in the right place.

During the game keep an eye on the snail scoreboard and keep going with the full stops until all the sentences are done. Have fun playing it.
Jumping animated snails, snail full stop scoreboard, sound effects, easy to use interface.
Compatible with iPads, Android devices plus Chromebooks, desktop and laptop PCs and Macs. Can be played using Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari or Firefox browsers.

The Full Stop Game (advanced)


  • Intro screen of the advanced full stops game showing the game instructions
  • The first sentences on screen ready for their snail full stops
  • The sentences have been automatically marked by the game
  • Oops some of the full stops have been put into the wrong places

Oh dear! These sentences have lost their full stops. Our jumping snails return to help fix the sentences. Can you drag the snails into the places where the full stops should be? Remember to use the special target so you can get the full stops in just the right place!

Load the punctuation game and once it is ready an introduction screen will appear. Read the instructions and then click start. Three sentences will appear but they'll be missing their full stops - oops!

Drag the three snails with your finger or mouse into the right places. A special target will appear once you grab a snail so that you can get your full stop just where it should be... after the word.

Don't worry if you make a mistake you can click the flower in the right-hand corner to undo the last snail dragged.

The game will detect when the last full stop has been placed and will mark the answers with ticks and crosses. If you have put the full stops in the right place then you can move on to the next sentence. If you have made a mistake then no worries - you can have another go to get it right.
Draggable animated snails that turn into full stops, sound effects, snail scoreboard, and undo functionality.
We're pleased to say that this game is compatible with iPads, Android tablets, Chromebooks plus PC and Mac desktops and laptops. Ideal for using with an interactive whiteboard. Can be played using the following browsers - Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome and Firefox.