Survey Results 2022

2 March 2022


Image of the website, users were asked their opinions during our recent survey.


Sometimes it’s very difficult to gauge what it going on out there with Roy, so I ran a survey recently to find out what people thought, how they use Roy and more…

Who uses Roy?

Teachers of course, I hear you say… well, it’s not as clear-cut as that. Roy is also a tool that is used at home and with tutors. Having said that, yes, you’re mostly right. The majority of users are teachers and tutors - approx 80%.

Where is Roy being used?

From my statistics, I can see that Roy is being used across the world. With three main geographic areas: UK, USA and Australia. Of those completing the survey: 75% were from the UK and the other quarter from the US.

What age group?

More than half of the respondents said that they were using Roy with students who were seven years or older… this has long been the case that Roy is used with those that are struggling with their reading, needing something different to focus on, …something that is fun that can help boost motivation.

How often is Roy used?

It was great to hear that Roy is used mostly weekly or monthly.

… with how many students?

More than 65% of respondents said that Roy was used with groups larger than four.

In this order, reading games were voted number one. Then the guided reading story and then my spelling games. I’m glad the spelling games featured… I’ve spent a great deal of time making those!

In answer to the question: “I use Roy…”

In order of popularity…

  • …as a fun literacy activity
  • …as a tool to help extend literacy activities
  • …as something that’s a little bit different

So my strapline on the top of has been for a long time… “Making learning to read fun” - so it’s great to see that it is regarded as a fun activitity - otherwise I would have to change that! And yep, Roy is a little bit different…

Here are some comments

  • Engaging story and activities the children love
  • Everything!
  • I found this website during lockdown 2020/21 to help my 6 year old son continue his learning experience with fun, educational games. A very good tool.
  • Fun, short, engaging
  • I can use it on the interactive white board and all the children can see it. Nice story with a point and purpose for the children. It is not the typical Disney story.
  • It’s fun to use and the children enjoy it
  • My kids really like the story!!! they are engaged
  • The children love the story and it has simple comprehension with linked punctuation tasks
  • Its simpleness to use makes it accessible for all our learners and allows them to be independent in their learning, something they struggle with sometimes.
  • Roy is a wonderful character that the children can relate to we have extended most of the lessons with extra fun activitys
  • I like the fact that it is fun, activities always give students points for motivation, I like the illustrations.
  • Simple story with chapter endings that lend themselves to predictions. Always unusual stories.
  • Everything…
  • The children really enjoy building words. I like it because I can select a specific sounds that meet objectives I’m focusing on.
  • It’s fun and educational and kids love it
  • I like Roy the Zebra because it gives me something different to do with my students. It is a fun brain break for them.
  • And more…

Thank you to everyone who added those statements… really motivational for me to hear!

I even asked what people don’t like…

  • Not enough stories…

Phew, that could have been worse! I would love to do a new story, but it takes a longgggg time… I think I spent two years doing the 7 chapters of Operation Rescue Lucy.

And the winner of the voucher??

I am pleased to say that the winner of the £50 voucher is Gillian from St Pauls school in Enfield. Gillian was delighted to win our free prize draw.

If you offered your time…

We also asked if you would be prepared to offer 15 mins of your time to help us complete some further research into an exciting new product. Thank you to everyone who offered to help out. We’ll be in touch as soon as we have a research plan!

Thank you again if you took part in the survey, and hope you enjoyed reading the outcomes above.

Enjoy Roy.


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