Consonant Blends Game Software Volume 2

CCVC - including ch, sh, th, and wh words

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About the Consonant Blend Game Software - Volume 2 CCVC Words

Little Mo (Roy’s cousin) is learning about blending and segmenting consonants to make CCVC words. It’s all happening in her secret garden where students blending or segmenting phonemes to make words means she earns Zs (the local currency) to spend in Garden World. A quick visit to Garden World provides essential growing items to make her plants grow quickly, but will she need to save her Zs to afford the hot air balloon trip or crop duster plane?

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Features include:


Consonant Blend (CCVC) Game Software Screen Grabs

Instructions screen grab

Little Mo plays the game

virtual phoneme frame

Take a visit to Zed's garden world to buy garden tools

Final animation example

Little Mo in hot air balloon, animation example

Customize the game with 99 words


CCVC Words Included: Popular Consonant Clusters

Frequently asked questions

System requirements

Install help

Little Mo has a go at segmenting words

Earn Z Dollards to spend at Garden World

Choose whether to visit Garden World or not

Little Mo in her shopping cart

Animation example, Little Mo in hot air balloon

example of flash cards to print and use

example of book marks that can be printed and used

mini alphabet flashcards that can be printed for the game

example of literacy homework sheet