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www.roythezebra Investment Opportunities and Site Statistics Overview


1. Investment Opportunities for Children's Publishing and Television Companies:



We're currently seeking publishing, television production and licensing partners to further develop the Roy brand. Including:
- Children's publishing opportunities for selling Roy branded books and other publishing media direct to teachers and parents
- Opportunities for children's television production companies
- Opportunities for children's merchandise companies who wish to sell educational products to the early years teaching and home learning communities



2. Site Traffic Report (19 July 2008 to 19 July 2009)


Unique Visits: 697,995
Absolute Unique Visits: 426,260
Content Downloaded: 4 million pages
Average Time on Site: 5.33 mins
Average number of pages downloaded per visit: 5.78 pages
Referring Sites: 9,783 inbound links
Found via search engines under... 62,598 keyword phrases
Estimated children influenced: > 3 million


Site stats can be verified via accurate Google Analytics reports - please contact us if you would like to view.



Core Geographical Markets:


697,995 visits came from 200 countries (12,929 cities)  
United Kingdom 35% of total traffic
United States 34% of total traffic
Australia 12% of total traffic
Rest of World 19% of total traffic


Roy Coverage in United Kingdom (194,273 visits via 807 cities)

United Kingdom Roy use


Roy Coverage in United States (279,200 visits via 8,434 cities)

United States Roy use

Roy Coverage in Australia (76,291 visits via 83 cities)

Australia Roy use


Summary Report:


It's been a good year for Roy with approx 70% growth in traffic, average pages per visit up and bounce rates down.


The re-developed site and new content has increased exposure across all major search engines. In particular the search engine optimisation strategy has worked well with Roy now ranking page one on Google for a variety of search terms, beating many existing and high profile children's brands. The breadth of exposure has widened across the internet with Roy now found under more than 60,000 keyword phrases every year.


Inbound links have increase four fold and have supported the rise through Google rankings.


It's estimated that the site has influenced more than 3 million children during this time period.


If you would like to discuss any of the above please do not hesitate in contacting us at

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