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Flash Designer for Education: Tim Bowerbank
Using Flash design for education
Frequently asked questions about using Flash to develop content
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Flash Designer for Education: Tim Bowerbank

Tim Bowerbank is a freelance flash developer who has created the interactive education games at These primary school educational games have been developed to be used in the classroom, or at home, and can be used on interactive whiteboards (iwb). All interactive games have been developed with a specific national curriculum objective in mind and have been thoroughly tested.

Please visit the reading games to see the full portfolio of games.

Tim can help develop interactive education content for your website, helping you meet your organisation’s content goals, building traffic, and strengthening your brand along the way. Developing this content requires the following core skills.

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Using Flash design for education / interactive whiteboards...

Online education games are produced in Adobe Flash, the common tool for interactive web content. The nature of ‘Flash’ requires not only good design and animation skills but also essential programming knowledge. Finding good quality Flash developers with a healthy mix of these skills is a challenge. This issue is one of the major reasons why so many children’s education publishers fail to maximise the full potential for their brands from the Internet. [back to top]


Frequently asked questions about using Flash to develop content for education:

What is Flash?
Adobe Flash is software that allows developers to create ‘rich’ interactive content for the web. Flash software creates and blends imagery, animated imagery, text and sound into a format that allows your customers to view via their standard web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer).

Does Flash designed content support learning in an education environment?
Flash creates ‘rich’ content that encourages active learning. It allows students to interact with the problem they are trying to solve - integrated animation and sound creates a learning environment that is fun. A combination of problem-solving and fun equals a good tool for learning.

Can Flash be used with interactive whiteboards?
Absolutely! Flash is the primary development tool for creating content for interactive whiteboards.

What can be created in Flash?
Anything... Flash allows you to illustrate, animate illustrations, embed pictures, integrate sound, integrate movie clips plus much more... the best way to start is with a curriculum learning objective and a blank sheet of paper with a pencil..!

What is Action Script and why is it important for my education project?
Action Script is the programming language that drives the code for interactive flash based projects. It’s a language that is based on Javascript and is embedded within each Flash programme. Action Script transforms your ‘education content’ into ‘interactive education content’ by adding code that allows your content to make logical decisions. All the primary school interactive games developed for use Action Script extensively. It’s essential that your flash designer has a handle on how to code in Action Script...

Can Flash education content be used on PCs and Macs?
Yes, Flash creates .swf files that are embedded into your website’s html code and can be viewed on Macs and normal PCs.

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Case Study: Using flash on IWBs to teach children literacy

Tim developed using standard Dreamweaver and Flash software. The current 80 interactive literacy games, that tackle the majority of the National Literacy Strategy’s objectives, were developed using flash.

These interactive literacy games are used by thousands of teachers around the world to support children learning how to read and write. All the characters within the games began life as simple sketches, were re-drawn and then animated with flash. Their animations were combined with the objectives of each game to ensure that a fun learning environment was created.

It was essential to consider how the games would be used in the classroom and how they would tackle national literacy strategy objectives but be kept simple, intuitive, rewarding and fun.

Action Script coding was used to drive all the interactive components of each literacy game.

The site was then optimised for search engine traffic in order to reduce advertising costs and grow users.

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Contact Tim...

If you have an particular Flash projects in mind please do not hesitate to contact Tim to discuss.


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